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We are the political sponsors of Toomaj Salehi from Austria, Germany, Italy and New Zealand. We will be his voice as he has been for others. 🤝

Toomaj is a rapper who is loved by many people in Iran and worldwide. Toomaj is an artist who teaches others about ❤️, solidarity and caring for each other. Toomaj is a man who stands up for his rights and freedom - and the rights and freedom of everybody else.

For that, Toomaj has been imprisoned for more than 230 days. In solitary confinement, tortured, his fundamental rights being denied.

Apparently, the trial against Toomaj has begun on Sunday. Behind closed doors. There has been no media coverage. No official announcement. 🤐

The court date was kept secret. As secret as the accusations he is facing, his health and the condition of his imprisonment.

We are very concerned that there is no detailed information about Toomaj‘ trial. There is no transparency at all. We don’t know anything: Not how the court date went. Not when the next court date will be. Not when the verdict will be announced.

This is why we demand direct access to Toomaj himself. We demand access to all court files. We demand total transparency.

Together, we will keep fighting for Toomaj‘ rights and freedom. We will keep watching out for Toomaj. And as Toomaj has done himself we will also keep fighting for all the other political prisoners.

Justice for Toomaj. Justice for all political prisoners.

Free Toomaj. Free them all. ✊️


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