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How to destroy myths and stereotypes about the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

We are aware that nowadays you might have already other worries than the Association Agreement, but let us put some basic facts about it straight.

For sure, you have recently heard many misleading arguments, which are used of the opponents of the European integration. Now, we have prepared an easy-to-use document, where you will find correct facts as well as explanation of what the Association Agreement REALLY means and brings to Ukraine. This document refutes many untrue, false and misleading myths in detail. For example it says that:

  1. IT IS UNTRUE that the costs of reforms in Ukraine linked to the Agreement will amount to up to 160 billion USD

  2. IT IS WRONG TO BELIEVE that Ukrainian companies will not be able to cope with the introduction of EU standards and regulations and will lose out to EU companies

  3. EU assistance to Ukraine is NOT LINKED to the signature of the agreement only

  4. The Association Agreement DOES NOT force Ukraine to allow same sex marriages

  5. The Agreement has NO IMPACT on disruption of Ukraine’s exports to Russia

This will be a “living” document, which will be constantly updated should new myths appear (we hope not :-).

Feel free to use it in your discussions, public presentations as a toolkit with real arguments. Feel also free to further disseminate it.

For your information, the full text of the Association Agreement can be found here.


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